Public Cooperation in Homeland Security

Public Cooperation in Homeland Security. Make a post of 300-500 words discussing the possibility of martial law in the wake of a terrorist attack or a significant natural or man-made disaster.

Public Cooperation in Homeland Security

    • Firstly, what is the purpose of martial law? Explain.
    • Secondly, what would have to be the magnitude of an event for the government to decide to initiate martial law? Why?
    • Thirdly, currently, how likely do you think it is that martial law will be initiated in response to a significant terrorist attack or natural disaster? Explain.
    • Also, with regard to the U.S. Constitution and civil liberties, what are the arguments against the use of martial law? Explain.
      • Do you agree or disagree? Explain your position.

Firstly, public-private partnerships are a major issue of discussion in businesses and government agencies concerned with homeland security. However, this issue has received a much less thorough treatment in scholarly literature on homeland security. This article begins to fill a gap in homeland security scholarship by identifying the essential role that public-private partnerships are now taking in homeland security and by examining opportunities and challenges for this transformative shift in the field.

Secondly, the article begins by contextualizing our argument within recent scholarship, and tracing the development of public-private partnerships in homeland security.  Thirdly, article then examines the growing role of public-private sector partnerships in homeland security. The article concludes by discussing ongoing challenges that will need to be considered and addressed for public-private partnerships to be successful over the long term.

Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships for Homeland Security.

Public-private partnerships can enhance hiring, resource utilization, specialization, cross-sector trust, and technological innovation. They are often able to cut across traditional bureaucratic divides within government. Collaboration at the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security leverages resources within federal, state, local, territorial, and tribal governments, coordinating multiple agencies and programs into a single, integrated effort focused on protecting the American people and their homeland.



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